Happy Home Watch Specialty Services

In addition to keeping your home healthy and happy, Happy Home Watch is committed to eliminating the stress and aggravation that is associated with absentee homeownership by offering specialty services only to its clients. These services are fully focused on simplifying those nagging tasks giving you more time and peace of mind.

We can help:

  • Accept packages and place them inside your home prior to your arrival
  • Forward any important mail or packages
  • Post Office Pick-up or Mail out
  • Meet guests, realtors or deliveries at your home
  • Complete your basic grocery shopping needs
  • Address homeowner association violations
  • Trash & recycling bin roll in & out
  • Vacation Rental Assistance

Contractor, Vendor, & Repair Services

Whether your faced with a simple repair or want to remodel your kitchen, Happy Home Watch is here to streamline the process while your away.  As a STRONG advocate for the homeowner, we will coordinate services by providing property access to vendors or stay to oversee the work.  Once the work has been completed, we will confirm that it has met all expectations prior to you making that final payment. 

Vehicle Services

Why spend the high cost of shipping vehicles or adding extra miles to drive your vehicle home when Happy Home Watch can monitor and maintain your vehicles while you are away. We can:

  • Complete a 15-minute car drive as specified by the client
  • Arrange for washing and detailing
  • Arrange for regular vehicle maintenance

Welcome Home & Departure Services

When you finally arrive at your home, the last thing you want to deal with is a hot house or having no hot water.  At Happy Home Watch, our Welcome Home service will allow you to walk into your home knowing everything will be just the way you left it.

When it comes time to depart, it can be a scramble against time and things can be missed.  Many homeowners have left doors unlocked, windows open or even TV’s operating on their way out.  As part of the Departure Service, Happy Home Watch checks the home within 48 hours of departure to make sure the property is secured, water is turned off and is set in watch mode.

Storm Check Services

Every summer, Arizona is faced with dry blistering heat and devastating monsoon storms.  These monsoon storms can come without warning delivering dangerous lighting, high winds, and flooding.  Don’t take a chance on getting caught with storm damage that was ignored.  At Happy Home Watch, our Storm Checks include a complete home check of the interior and exterior providing peace of mind.  Priceless…


Key Holder Services

A key holder is someone you entrust with the keys to your home and alarm codes that is available day or night in case of an emergency, the house alarm is triggered or access is needed. Using a keyholder service is also a great option for homeowners who don’t use home watch services but need a trusted professional to provide access to their property. Don’t be left stranded, choose Happy Home Watch for your Key Holder needs

Don’t See the Service you need…Just ask! Happy Home Watch is always looking for ways to better service the needs of their clients.

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